Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 of My Own Quotable Quotes

1. Talk has been made cheap by those with the habit of not practicing what they preach. It is pointless to expect others to do as you say and yet your ACTIONS do not match your TALK. Being a person of INTEGRITY and high MORAL framework makes you dependable, worth listening to and ultimately following. GREATNESS evades us when all we do is live a lie, painting a picture of who we are not. It is vital to dispose of the MASK, be REAL and people will accept you as you are.

2. When we raise an EXPECTATION we run the risk of diving right into deep FRUSTRATION when the expectation is not met. Sometimes we are so good with creating first IMPRESSIONS and are very poor at maintaining the impression.

3. In the absence of set STANDARDS and operating guidelines in any business or family, ASSUMPTION, making of ABRUPT decisions and ABUSE of members is inevitable

4. Great DREAMS have gone to waste as the carriers of those dreams have run into the sphere of DELUSION, DISCOURAGEMENT and DORMANCY. It is very costly to be lethargic and not so passionate about your dream. The main difference between achievers and non-achievers is that the former finds all the possible reasons why the dream should materialize while the latter will give you a detailed well organized and formatted endless list of how it is not possible to bring the dream to fruition

5. Have you ever realized how much UNITY of purpose there is in thousands of small ANTS compared to the volume and level of damage and mutilation caused by one small tongue carried by a person without VISION?

6. Success will never evade people who have the needs of others at heart. When your goal is not to make money but to make the lives of mankind better and more worth living for then you prosper in the process of helping.

7. While it is common knowledge that we live in a fast and quick society, all which is gotten rapidly usually disappears faster than it came. You build precept upon precept, line on line. Microwave solutions are microwave disasters. You rather have a permanent solution that takes time than a quick fix which frustrates you in no time.

8. A good name is better than all the cash you can ever have. It takes you into places you have never been or thought of ever going into. When people mention your name there are things that spring up automatically which pertain to your character, achievements and general behavioral trends. Every name is a brand on its own. The owner of the name has an incredible responsibility to ensure that the brand is managed properly.

9. You should never postpone important DECISIONS pertaining to your life because you fear what people will say. While it is important to RESPECT and VALUE input from others you are ultimately responsible for the outcome of your life. Sometimes you become so griped with fear of man to the extent that your decision making power starts limping. For as long as people with mouths exist, TALK will always be there.

10. It is the small things in life that can stall or slow down the arrival of the big thing. A tank of milk can be spoilt by a single drop of blood. There is one payment that is mandatory for success. Pay attention to DETAIL and not leave anything to chance. Things will not just happen but will depend on you being DELIBERATE and PURPOSEFUL follow the small contributors to the success of the whole.

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