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Mindset - What is It - Do You Have It?

Mindset refers to a series of assumptions, notations, or methods in which members of a group create abundant incentives for one another to retain those same previously held beliefs, behaviors, choices, and tools. Often the common answer that arises when asked about what is mindset, as a whole, has to do with a kind of cognitive bias of sorts, or even a mental inertia. Lastly, the popular expressions, "groupthink" and "paradigm" are also decent answers to the question, "what is mindset?"

As far as politics are concerned, if one can remember the infamous "Cold War mindset," which trusted the game theory between both the U.S. and USSR. The command chain stated clearly that there was an understood, mutual destruction if either power was to target each other in a nuclear capacity; this is a good example of mindset in a potential war scenario. Although many theorists assume that a power structure needs to challenge the previous assumptions, which effectively make up the overall group's mindset.

In many cases, when power structures fail to question their own mindsets, often devastating results can take place. Any singular mindset that is never questioned by its inner-workings will not possess enough flexibility central to its existence. The power structure is forced to continuously discern the mindset involved if it is to be successful.

In business terms, mindset is essential to the overall successful functioning of a company. Often the goals and strategies that are shared among a group instead of an individual create far better results. The idea behind an effective mindset in terms of business is to create as much value out of each individual and then bring that value into a group setting. What is mindset, if it is not a philosophical stance shared among a group of individuals for the greater benefit of the business, or perhaps it is that which fosters the best scenario in any business setting?

Higher You Go, the Harder You Fall - Why It's Not As Good at the Top As You Think

My piece on neutral state (read bottom of this article for details) focused predominantly on the downward spiral of emotions, but what of the heady zest of life going your way, when you feel nothing can go wrong?

Well, if you ever waste take your time to read gossip magazines, you'll know that success and money FAST can end in tears. There are two reasons for this.

· Not knowing what to do with newly found wealth

· Not knowing how to cope emotionally

Fast success is not always a good thing. Much better is that it's gradual. Our logical minds create ideologies of what life would be like on the other side of the fence; we see the Jones's nextdoor with big fat smiles on their faces and reflect to ourselves, "What a life..." Unfortunately we cannot fathom the emotional implications of huge change.

"The man who walks this world with a smile, is the envy of all"

Many people may think it ludicrous that you need E.I when you're on the way up: You're happy, you're successful, and you're clearly doing things right to get where you are.

"It doesn't serve to ruin your fun; it serves only for you to keep control."

Developing a neutral state that lies in wait can be the difference between falling to emptying bins for a crust, and rising to the top once more on the strength of what you fundamentally believe, and what is fundamentally factual. Of course, falling is a small possibility and definitely not inevitable, but having a neutral state may help you achieve even gre­ater success, and most importantly - stay in control.

Action Steps...

Do you accept that just as depression puts a strain on your emotions, so does success?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Conflict Resolution and Anger Management Relationship Advice

Do you and your partner spend a lot of time in heated arguments? Do you dread the words "Let's have a discussion? Is it getting harder and harder to relate in your relationship?
Since the ability to relate, have open communication and discussions are all keys to having a successful relationship, the following are the Top Five Tips on How to Avoid an Argument With Your Partner:

1) Start All Conversations With Something Positive:
One of the reasons why some couples want to avoid having discussions is that they associate discussions with something negative or that there is a problem of some sort.
Another reason is that people start off by blaming or pointing out something that the other person did wrong right off the bat that cause the partner on the receiving end to be defensive, reactive, hurt or wanting to retaliate, especially if the first partner frequently starts their conversation off that way.
What often happens then is the partner who wants to have discussion starts getting frustrated, and angry because the other partner is doing what ever they can do to avoid the discussion whether that is trying to cut the conversation short, trying to change topics, ignoring the partner, being tentative or even reactive as a way to throw off the other partner who wants to talk.
The solution, then for the sake of a positive upstate in the relationship is to always start the conversation on a positive note.
For example, say something good about what you and your partner is going to talk about, about the benefit or positive outcome for the relationship that the discussion will be bring about, or give your partner a personal compliment, say how you appreciate them or how hard they are working for the family - just anything that you can think of that would make your partner happy, not what would make you happy, but will make your partner happy.
Next open your discussion regardless whether it is something positive or negative, fun or stressful. The result will be that your discussion will flow much smoother because everyone is feeling good and feeling appreciated.
Then just as important as starting the conversation with a positive statement or compliment, wrap your conversation up on a positive note, regardless of whether you were able to resolve what you are talking about or not, even if it is just thanking your partner for their time and attention. It will set the mood and positive association for the next time you have a discussion.

2) Seek To Connect Before Starting Your Discussion:
A little known secret about discussions is that connection is really important, before and during your conversation.
When you and your partner are both relaxed because the two of you have connected, it prevents tension in your bodies. This tension is what often causes a flight or flight reaction in your body which can fuel arguments because you will have a lot of adrenaline in your body that can result in anger and emotional outbursts.
So connect with your partner in which ever way you would normally connect whether that is on a emotional level, or you if connect through talking about a neutral or fun topic, connect through touching or going for a walk if you like doing activities together.
In this relaxed state, you and your partner will also be more open to discussions as well as being aware of how much you love each other, which makes it harder to get angry or frustrated when it's time to get to the heart of the issue you are discussing. 

3) If In Doubt, Check It Out:
In a world where we are always on the move and in a hurry, we often jump the gun and make assumptions about what our partner is saying or is about to say.
This often leads to a lot of miscommunication, as well as frustration for the partner who is trying to talk because they are not being able to get out what they are saying or because words are being put in their mouth that they had no intention of saying.
As well the partner who is jumping to conclusions may be going on the defensive or reacting for no reason. So if you are in a hurry be honest and say you do not have time to listen and reschedule or be patient and let your partner have their say.
Then and only then, if you are not sure what your partner is saying or what they mean, ask them to further clarify or give an example of what they are saying. Saying "What do you mean by that?" often comes across as being a defensive reaction which in turn may make your partner defensive or on guard.
So in a calm and curious manner, just ask for further clarification or ask if there is another way they can describe what they are saying for further clarification. Using the term "clarify" or "clarification" is a neutral way of saying that you don't understand so your partner won't feel like you are putting them down for having poor communication skills. 

4) Don't Take Anything Personal:
A really good tip on how to keep your cool and not go on the defensive during a conversation is to remember that nothing your partner says is personal. Even if your partner accuses you or blames you for the issue you are discussing, you are not responsible for their issues.
As individuals, not only are we all responsible for our own decisions, but our reactions as well, so if your partner has a bone to pick, wants to play the blame game or even play the victim that is their own issue not yours.
It is in the best interest of the relationship to maintain the ability to relate to one another, so the best way for the two of you is to be able to freely express your emotions and your opinions, so if your partner needs to vent, just let them. If you unconditionally love them even if they are trying to pin everything on you, they will feel supported instead of judged, so not only will they be open to having a civil discussion with you, both of you will be able to resolve your issue sooner. 

5) Agree To Disagree:
People often get disagreement and disapproval mixed up. A disagreement is a difference of opinion that happens on a mental or rational level, disapproval on the other hand occurs at the emotional level. Disagreement turns into disapproval when you start to withdraw emotionally from your partner.
For example, disapproval implies that your partner did something that you disagree with so therefore you can't love your partner as much as you did before, so you start to emotionally pull away from them.
Therefore there are two things you have to do in order to be able to learn the art of agreeing to disagree.
The first is recognize if you have started to go into disapproval and stop yourself in your tracks, then reconnect with your partner before you continue, as we suggested in tip #2. Otherwise your partner is going to feel you judgment and your emotional withdrawal, and more than likely they are going to lash back in defense or because they feel hurt and frustrated which of course is going to lead into an argument.
The second way is that now since you know what a disagreement is, you and your partner can learn to agree to disagree. If you and your partner can learn to agree to disagree, most arguments will pretty much be a thing of the past.
When two people or even just one member of a couple can agree to disagree it allows everyone to have their say or their own opinion, they both get to be right and no one is forcing the other one to switch their beliefs or be accused of being wrong. Agreeing to disagree means everybody gets to "win" their point of view, instead of "lose" or give into the other person's opinions.
If you and your partner both agree to disagree as well as respect each other's opinions, it also prevents an ongoing fighting match because no one is going to have an intense need to prove their point.
So in conclusion, with these simple tips, not only can you look forward to having discussions instead of heated arguments, you also can also look forward to being able to have a connected, loving and resolution based relationship as well.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Make Her Addicted to You - Secret Seduction Techniques to Make a Woman Addicted to You

Have you ever wanted a woman to feel addicted to you? A way to seduce and addict a woman to you? Do you want women to desire to be with you? Need you badly. And miss you so much they go crazy at the thought of your not being around. This type of devotion and seductive addition is not an easy thing to get but it is very possible if you know the secrets of what a woman wants and the ways to seduce and addict a woman to you.

To make a woman addicted to you understand what to say and how to say it
Conversation, both verbal and with subtle body language clues is extremely important. To addict a woman to you, you need to know the ways to make the most of both body language and flirting. There are subtle body language cues you can use to enhance your status and increase her desire. There are also verbal cues and tricks you can use that will enhance your statis and begin to seduce and addict a woman to you.

Confusion, a surefire way to addict a woman to you
Women can get bored easily. Once she knows that she has you wrapped around her fingers and that you will do anything for her, she will tire of you. The secret of seductive addiction is to keep her guessing. You need to never let her know where she stands. Show her interest and affection then pull it back. Call her a lot then suddenly do not call for a few days. She will never know quite where you stand and desire to figure out why. This leaves lots of unresolved tension within her and will in turn make a woman addicted.

Seductive addiction: the proven methods of attraction and seduction
These are just a couple of the powerful methods of seduction and attraction that are out there. Click Here for more hints on body language, flirting, seduction and attraction techniques, ways to make a woman addicted to you and much more. Understanding what she wants and ways that you can give it to her is essential, do not be left behind, more and more men are figuring out the secrets and locking away their share of the women with ties of addiction and attraction. Do not be alone, be one of them.

Is it OK For a Guy to Use Hair Straighteners?

Is a man less masculine if he straightens his hair? Yes or no?
In a word...yes.
Hair straighteners have now been a staple of every girl-this-side-of-the-moon's beauty tool kit for a number of years now. Their easy to use ceramic plates smooth your hair into a perfect poker straight drape of hair with a minimum of effort, training and time. Long gone are the days when nights have been ruined for ladies who get trapped in a tangled frantic mess of overheating hairdryers, sticky hair formula, big bulky brushes and tears of despair. Now this element of beauty regime has become a breeze, aside from a few burns from the crazy hot plates.
But the question is: Can guys use them? Well of course they can use them. It is physically possible for a guy to buy them, grow his hair and then straighten it. (Maybe not in that order however.) But should he?
If the latest adverts from cosmetics and hair care companies are anything to go by then there is no doubt that it is now cool for guys to look good. Gone are the days when a 'real bloke' was a man with bruised knuckles, a beer stained beard and an unhappy sex life. Now that we are in the 21st century men have cottoned on to the fact that women like it when men look good, and one way of doing this is to have nice hair.
For millions of men who have been cursed with shyness due to their genetically decreed style of locks, hair straighteners have been a godsend propelling them into the arms of beautiful women they would otherwise be afraid to approach. By casting aside the sideways glances and backwards comments of their uninitiated peers, men can now enjoy the freedom to express themselves in the hair department in a way that styling grease and a razor never could.
To many who think this is the beginning of the end for masculinity, you would be wrong on two counts. For one, hair straighteners are just one in a long line of style and beauty products slowly working their way into the average mans routine alongside the usual aftershave and fudge hair products: look out for curlers, eyeliner and concealer in the man section soon. For two, this is not the sign of diminished masculinity in society; this is merely a sign that men are sticking up for their rights in the same way (maybe not exactly the same) women fought for theirs through the whole of the last century. Men have the right to straighten!

What You Should Offer to Your Man?

There are many things that we experience in this life and there are also certain things in life that we wanted to achieve, too. Just like in the Hierarchy of Needs, there are certain levels that we need to achieve and before we can go to the next level, we need to be able to handle the stages beforehand so that we can pass on that and proceed to the next one. Including to the stages of the hierarchy of needs is love and security which could be considered to be the most complicated stage of all. How would you be able to pass this stage and go on to the next level? As a woman, what are the things that you should offer and give to your man?
Most women do not know what it really is it that makes up a man's mind and what they really want with a woman. Of course, that is so normal considering the fact that they are not the same people that they are used to be. There are many unique factors that makes up a person so be careful with that one because sometimes each of us forget that we are unique and cannot be compared to each other.
What men want from a woman is really a big puzzle, so what are the things that you should do in order to attract the man that you wanted? There is a big misconception around here. Women think that they can have any man they want because of their sexuality, of the lust but that is not the truth of the matter. When everything subsides, what is left? There is more to it than a man would want from a woman. There is a lot of things that you need to develop more than just the sexuality.
After all else fades, there is a big question of what and which of the things about you would be left? What is the most important thing that you should do? The magic there is the ability to be yourself and to be able to handle the things that you are about to do. If you make a man feel that you are confident with yourself then that would be a great turn on to them and after all the physical attributes, they also assess what kind of person you are because after everything else, this is the thing that is left with you.

3 Law of Attraction Manifestation Techniques to Achieve Your Goals

Law of attraction manifestation techniques may be varied, but they serve only one purpose and that's to help you get what you want. Knowing the principle of the law is one thing, but applying it in real life is another.
To learn more about these law of attraction methods, read this article.
Manifestation Technique # 1: Feel Good About Your Life.
It is human nature to complain about life. But taking one look at how unfair the situation is or how little you have, and then asking the universe for something, will lead to failure. Why?
Well, that's because your emotions are clearly not aligned with your intentions. The law of attraction is all about inclusion. You can't exclude anything.
If you dwell on the thought that you don't want to incur debt, for example, you are effectively including the thought of debt into your desires. And instead of not giving you debt, the universe focuses on delivering it to you.
That's why it's important for you to start feeling good. The better you feel, the more positive things you attract and the more in alignment you'll be.

Manifestation Technique # 2: Create A Goal Book.
Essentially, it's a diary of your goals. These goals can be either written down in words or encapsulated in images. By creating your diary, you're able to make your desires more real.
The more you look at your diary, the more you think about what you want, the more believable these desires will be. By constantly filling your goal book with thoughts of what you want and by looking at said book every night before you go to sleep, you're sending out a message to the universe.

Manifestation Technique # 3: Use Affirmations.
Reciting affirmations everyday is an integral part of the law of attraction process. It gives you the power to send messages to the universe.
Affirmations give you the confidence to believe in what you want and give you the courage to say your desires out loud. You may not think it to be powerful, but words when said aloud have great influence. It's almost like admitting to yourself and allowing yourself to ask for what you want.
These law of attraction manifestation techniques will serve as your guide to the fulfillment of your desires. After all, they serve only one purpose. And that is to help you achieve your goals.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to Know When a Guy Has Reduced Feelings For You? Figure it Out Before It's Too Late For You

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the feelings the guy you are in love with are going to last forever. At times it does happen that the guy who was so much in love with you starts to get distant. But how are you to tell that his feelings for you have reduced. Read on and find out if your relationship is heading southwards.
He doesn't spend much time with you
You will realize that the amount of time that he spends with you has become quite less and he doesn't seem to mind it. All of a sudden all the other things have gained a very important spot. If you find yourself slipping down his priority list then you should know that his feelings for you have reduced.
He calls less
There was time when he used to call you every hour. As the relationship progressed the calling decreased a little. But if you see that his calls are becoming as infrequent as his visits or if he almost never answers your calls then things are not all fine.
His patience with you reduces
You will also notice that the amount of patience with which he used to deal with you also reduced. He will not feel that your fears and insecurities need to be appeased. Every time you head to him for some reassurance he will snap and will tell you to grow up. If you see these things happening with you then you need to relook at your relationship as his interest in you is definitely reducing.
He turns small things into issues
If his interest in you has reduced then he will also look at turning small things into big issues and then blame you for them. So the small things that he used to find quirky now just annoy him all the time and you see that keeping your gob shut is the only way to ensure peace.
Things just don't "feel" right
Women have a gut feel they heavily rely on. Listen closely to what your gut is saying and see what it says. If you are honest to yourself you will know when things are not right because they just don't "feel" right.
He begins to focus only on himself
When his interest in you begins to reduce the one place where his interest increases is himself. If you find him focusing only on him and he becomes all about "I", "me" and "myself" then it's time to reassess your relationship.
He doesn't make plans anymore
You can be certain that his interest in you has reduced if you are the only one making plans all the time. The day you see this happen you should know that he's not interested anymore

Dare to Dream Again

The other day someone gave me a Space Shuttle. OK, it wasn't a real Space Shuttle - it was a cuddly toy replica with a bright orange fuel tank.
So, you might ask - what prompted them to do this?
The answer is " a dream".
You see, this 18 year old girl who gave me the Space Shuttle cuddly toy had just been to Florida - her mom had taken her there as a surprise 18th birthday treat, because..and here is the punchline: her 18 year old daughter wants to be an astronaut.
So why did she give me the Space Shuttle?
The reason is because I encouraged her to pursue her dream. For a while, she had become discouraged by the odds stacked against her success, and it was so tempting to give up before she had really begun to try.
So I told her to watch a video where Tony Robbins explains his understanding of certainty. I told her to ask her mom to watch the video too.
So, here's the interesting thing: 8 months after watching the video, the mom & daughter go and watch a Shuttle launch.
I've watched a few of these launches on YouTube. Projected on to a big screen with a good sound system, and it feels like you are almost there. Except, you're not really there.
Now to this 18 year old, seeing a Shuttle take off moved her to tears (I admit, the same happens to me). She was awestruck by the power of such a machine, and more importantly, she was amazed how we human beings can produce such incredible achievements.
Claire (not her real name) was animated, eyes wide, as she described to me the launch, and how it had inspired her.
I'm pretty sure she was encouraged to carry on her pursuit to become an astronaut too. And her gift of the cuddly toy Space Shuttle was her way of thanking me, and affirming her commitment to persist.
Now it's over to you: what dreams do you have?
Or, perhaps you have allowed your dreams to die, maybe because of the knocks you've received along the way. It might be that you've never been encouraged to dream...or maybe it's become too painful to dream because of the disappointments that you've experienced in your life.
I want to share an important principle which might encourage you to dare to dream, and why it's imperative for your survival as a human being to dream.
Here is the simple principle: don't mix up the past with the future. Let me explain what I mean. It's a very common mistake to take the experiences of the past and use them as the pattern for how things will go in the future.
It's a fundamental mistake. And it's easy to make, as it helps us to believe that we understand and make sense of the world around us. The problem with this approach is that we often are too quick to think that we really do understand the world just by the experiences that have happened to us, and that we can predict what will happen in the future when a similar situation happens again.
Let me give you an example which shows you why this is such a bad way to think about your future.
Let's say you are 6 years old and you are learning to ride a bike. You get on. You fall off. You get on again. You fall off again. Now, stop the tape running in your head for a minute, and ask yourself this:
If you had given up at that second fall, what effect would that have had on the rest of your childhood? You would probably be missing out on a whole heap of fun that your friends were experiencing because they had learned how to ride their bikes.
So, don't make the same mistake in your life: starting today, wipe your future "inbox" clean.
And dare to dream what difference you would like to make in this world. If you do this, and stay focussed on this vision, no amount of challenge, adversity, struggle or pain will stop you.

10 Trillion Best Reasons to Be Appreciative

Do you appreciate the fact that there are currently 10 trillion working for you -- doing their level best 24/7 to keep you alive and well? Have you taken the time recently to thank them or do you, like most, take them for granted?
We are talking, of course, about the estimated 10 trillion cells that the experts, such as Dr. Oz, say make up your body and brain. Each one of these cells is an independent living organism with consciousness and intelligence that it uses to communicate and cooperate with the other cells that compose your physical self. To prove this statement, let's look at two random heart cells.
If we were to take a single living heart cell and put it on a slide in a drop of saline solution, through a microscope we could observe it alternately contracting and expanding. Onto the other end of this glass slide, we could then place another heart cell from a different host, and we could observe that the two cells were "beating" at differing rates. If, however, we then began slowly moving the cells closer together, we would notice a point at which the two cells start to beat in sync with each other, even though they are still not touching. This means that the heart cells have the ability to communicate and cooperate with one another. For this to be possible there must be cellular intelligence. Isn't that truly amazing?
Could these two alternately contracting and relaxing cells, working together, pump blood? No. How about if they gathered a few of their friends so that there are now, let's say, 17 heart cells "beating" as one; would they now be able to circulate blood? Of course not. If, however, 100 billion of them teamed up to form a heart, then they can; that is, with their innate intelligence, their stellar communication skills and their willingness and ability to play a specialized role and work together, they can pump blood. Not so fast. Where would the blood go? From where would the blood come? To serve a useful purpose, the heart cells / heart have to be part of a complete circulatory system made up of arteries, veins, capillaries... in order to circulate the blood. Then there is the little issue of other tissues, organs and systems necessary to complete the organism -- YOUR BODY!
Each of the 10 trillion (remember, that is 10-thousand billion with a B) cells of which your body consists has intelligence and the ability and willingness to play a specialized role in keeping you humming along. Together, by communicating with one another and cooperating in an infinitely complex set of interactions, they make it possible for you to live on this planet we call Earth.Is this not awe inspiring? Is it not something worth your appreciating?
Think about it. When was the last time you had to tell your heart to pump blood or your kidneys to carry out their role of filtration? Do you have to cajole them or threaten them to get them to get to work? Do they ask for time off, call in sick or request more vacation time and then threaten to go on strike if they don't get it? Do the cells of the intestines complain about their working conditions in the odoriferous, dark, dank bowels of your body; do they ask to trade places with the skin cells so they can enjoy the soft breezes and warm sun and receive praise for their beauty? No!
Their own well being and your well being are their top priority, and when their lifespan (whether a day, a couple of weeks, 120 days) comes to an end, they have their progeny carry on their work to keep you alive and vibrant. Now that's dedication!
And what do we do? Instead of heaping praise on our cells, these dedicated servants, for a job well done (you are upright and vertical for most of the day, aren't you, and able to make conscious choices - right?), we tend to find the one thing that is wrong with us and focus and complain about that. It might be toenail fungus, heartburn, a pimple, a boil or even a more serious chronic condition, but whatever it is, it gets the bulk of the attention that we give our body. Is that right?
Here's the problem. When we gripe and complain about stuff that's going wrong (justified or not), this negative thinking/focus results in the adrenal glands spewing cortisol into the bloodstream to deal with the imminent threat (that's how the cells perceive the situation). This focus, if maintained for long periods of time, can lead to states of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, fear, depression, confusion -- resulting in more and more of the cortisol and its stress-related buddies being released into your system. These stress hormones (cortisol, et al) prepare your body for fight or flight, which might be overkill for a hangnail.
The real problem is that since cortisol is linked to dealing with imminent danger, a threat to survival left over from the days of saber-tooth tigers and such, it takes priority over everyday functions, such as the release of HgH (human growth hormone), whose function it is to repair and regenerate cells. Thus when there is cortisol in the system, Hgh is not released to grow new cells and repair cells damaged by free radicals and the general wear and tear that aging cells regularly incur. As a result, the aging of the cells of your body and brain is accelerated -- you grow old and fall apart even faster than you otherwise would.
Here's the solution. Spend less time worrying about what disease condition might attack you or griping about your present ailment(s) and spend more time appreciating the 95% or more of your physical and mental self that is doing extremely well. When you wake up in the morning, go to bed at night and before each and every meal or snack, take a moment to FEEL appreciation for something your body and/or brain are doing well. Focus on a single item, such as your good eyesight, your ability to digest food, your immune system's ability to fight off foreign invaders... and FEEL real heartfelt appreciation. Or you can make a list of 5 or 10 things your body/brain have been doing well and spend a few seconds enjoying feelings of gratefulness. This will help you switch from a cortisol / problem-oriented self to being a person with robust health because your pituitary is spewing gobs of Hgh, which is repairing and regenerating cells so they can serve you better. Imagine 10 trillion well-trained specialists working 24/7 for your well being. That's something worth appreciating!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brain Games to Improve Focus

In an age of instant information, high-tech communication gadgets and a media sensory overload it's not surprising that many people have trouble focusing. We are constantly bombarded with information from television, radios, computers, friends, co-workers and with all this new data flooding our brains it's very easy to lose interest. Unfortunately there isn't a lot people can do to turn off the endless stream of information since most of us depend on it to get through our days and work but there are simple steps one can take to help improve their focus so they are quickly disseminating the information that comes along and focusing only on the data that matters.
Improving focus through simple puzzles, riddles and brain games isn't hard to do but it takes due diligence to train the brain on a daily basis to hone your ability to focus. Many people are taught training methods in schools and colleges to help get through the semester but after graduation many people tend to lapse on their self-training. With a degree in hand and a job secured your average person will stop training their brain which can lead to stagnation in terms of growth and development. This isn't to say people are dumb but they can get lazy and when this happens the ability to focus becomes harder.
One key to improving focus is to spend a few minutes ever day practicing brain training techniques and exercises. The same way an athlete trains daily to improve his speed, strength and coordination people have to actively train their brains to retain information, sift through data and keep what is important and learn how to focus. We all know how to focus but like memory sometimes it seems to fade on us and can make work and daily life a struggle to deal with. Again, with the constant onslaught of mass media information rains down on us unimpeded and without the ability to focus you can very easily be caught in the whirlwind of news, commercials and data that in many cases has nothing to do with you personally or professionally.
Some people argue that its technology that is causing the lack of focus but it's very easy to download brain games to a cell phone or iPhone and to use hand-held communication devices to navigate to websites that offer free brain training games. Actually, technology makes it easier for people to focus because you can spend a few minutes during a subway or bus ride playing simple brain games such as puzzles, chess and solving riddles during your commute to keep your focus fresh. But it's up to the individual to make time for brain training and to keep to a schedule that will allow for quick brain training games that will keep the mind alert and capable of cutting through the clutter of information so they can focus on the data that really matters.

How Riddles Can Improve Memory & Thinking

When you get down to basics most of human life is focused on problem solving. From basic needs to supplying food and providing shelter to more advanced stages including career advancement and financial management life seems to be a series of riddles and puzzles that we have to navigate in order to survive and enjoy life. Many people see riddles and puzzles as child's play but in fact these simple games and clever problems are structured to make the brain work to find solutions that aren't readily available. Another important lesson riddles and puzzles teach us is that there is no one answer to any particular problem and that the more we train our brains to think the better we become at solving problems no matter how big or small.
Riddles are classified as two types: enigmas which are problems generally expresses in metaphorical or allegorical language that require ingenuity and careful thinking for their solution and conundrums which are questions relying for their effects on punning in either the question or the answer. Some people get very flustered with riddles because the answers aren't always as clear as a basic math problem. In mathematics when you add 2 + 2 you always get 4 but think of riddles in terms of algebra where 2(y) + 2(x) may not equal 4. Riddles force the brain to stretch beyond rote memory and automated responses to challenge our ability to think through a problem. This is why many math teachers want to see how you arrived at an answer rather than just giving one.
Though many detractors find riddles and puzzles trivial the fact of the matter is that such brain training games sharpen the mind and open up new areas of thought processes that can lead to better problem solving techniques. Many of us like answers to be simple and plain to avoid having to think too hard. We have enough problems and obstacles in our lives that the last thing someone wants is the added hurdle of having to solve a riddle too. But when you practice riddles and problem solving on a daily basis you'll be surprised to see how much easier thinking, memory retention and cognitive abilities become with a fit and healthy mind.
Try not to think of puzzles and riddles as confusing and frustrating hurdles. When you think that way you've already given up. Rather look at brain training games as a way to be creative with you thoughts and to develop new strategies for solving a problem that can have many uses during your daily life. If it wasn't for improved problem solving man wouldn't be at the level of progress he is at. If we stayed with our animal instincts and failed to improve our thinking ability chances are we'd be in cages while apes gaped at us from behind the glass. Just as lazy is a habit with negative consequences brain training is a healthy habit that can only improve your brain and its ability to function.