Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Make Her Addicted to You - Secret Seduction Techniques to Make a Woman Addicted to You

Have you ever wanted a woman to feel addicted to you? A way to seduce and addict a woman to you? Do you want women to desire to be with you? Need you badly. And miss you so much they go crazy at the thought of your not being around. This type of devotion and seductive addition is not an easy thing to get but it is very possible if you know the secrets of what a woman wants and the ways to seduce and addict a woman to you.

To make a woman addicted to you understand what to say and how to say it
Conversation, both verbal and with subtle body language clues is extremely important. To addict a woman to you, you need to know the ways to make the most of both body language and flirting. There are subtle body language cues you can use to enhance your status and increase her desire. There are also verbal cues and tricks you can use that will enhance your statis and begin to seduce and addict a woman to you.

Confusion, a surefire way to addict a woman to you
Women can get bored easily. Once she knows that she has you wrapped around her fingers and that you will do anything for her, she will tire of you. The secret of seductive addiction is to keep her guessing. You need to never let her know where she stands. Show her interest and affection then pull it back. Call her a lot then suddenly do not call for a few days. She will never know quite where you stand and desire to figure out why. This leaves lots of unresolved tension within her and will in turn make a woman addicted.

Seductive addiction: the proven methods of attraction and seduction
These are just a couple of the powerful methods of seduction and attraction that are out there. Click Here for more hints on body language, flirting, seduction and attraction techniques, ways to make a woman addicted to you and much more. Understanding what she wants and ways that you can give it to her is essential, do not be left behind, more and more men are figuring out the secrets and locking away their share of the women with ties of addiction and attraction. Do not be alone, be one of them.

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