Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Causes Men to Lose Interest in a Woman After a While? Know This Before He Loses Interest in You

Sometimes, it can be frustrating when a relationship reaches that stage when everything starts to become so familiar. When this happens, it is not unusual for the spark to seemingly fade. Here are some possible reasons why this scenario happens and how to avoid them:
She has become a permanent fixture
When he is so used to her presence, he will start to get so assured that she will always be there, hence, he will take her for granted -- like a clock that's perennially on the mantelpiece. But move the clock and he will notice that it's not there. A woman can take a short break away from him, just for both to have a breather, and he will realize how different life is when she's not where he expects her to be.
Her life revolves around him
If she always draws her happiness from him, he will eventually run out of happiness to share. He will begin to lose interest. A woman must always keep her identity and individuality. She must also learn to draw her happiness within herself.
She has stopped growing
When a woman's life starts to stagnate, then she becomes uninteresting. She needs to nurture herself, seek ways to elevate her mind, learn and do new things in order for her to hold her man's - any man's - attention.
She is showing signs of insecurity
When a woman starts losing her self-confidence, so will a man's interest in her wane. She needs to overcome her fears of losing him and focus on ways to keep him instead.
She focuses on the negative instead of the positive aspects
A woman given to consistent complaining and nagging will eventually wear a man's patience out. She must try to be appreciative of the good things around her, and enjoy life in general.
She is stuck with her routine
If there is no variety in a couple's relationship, if it's the same old thing every single day, a man will definitely get bored. A woman must spice up the relationship by doing fun things with her man, trying out new things, or getting into adventures. A simple change can sometimes make a big difference.
She transforms into a pleaser
If a woman is trying to do everything just to get a man's approval, then you can be assured that he won't approve. Instead of trying to win his affection by being something that she is not, she can simply try to find that special woman he had fallen in love with when they were still starting out.

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