Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Talk to Women - 3 Simple Tips For Success

When I was first started learning how to become more successful with meeting and attracting women, one of my biggest problems was not knowing what to say while talking to a woman. I couldn't overcome my fear of approaching women because I was afraid of not knowing what to say to her or what to talk about once I actually did approach and initiate a conversation with her.

The thing is that you don't have to worry about any of those awkward silences when you're talking to a woman if you follow some general conversation guidelines.

The following conversation tips will make you a more charismatic conversationalist, and a more attractive man in her eyes.

How To Talk To Women Tip #1 - Familiarity

When most guys approach and initiate a conversation with a woman, they do it with the attitude of a guy who is a complete stranger. Girls have been taught from a young age to never talk to strangers, so you need to take on a familiar attitude from the moment you start talking to her.

When you talk to her, do it as if you've known each for a while. Think of how you'd talk to an old friend you've know for a while -- she's just a friend so you don't need to act all nervous and distant. You're laid back, you're relaxed, and you're not interrogating her with question after question like it's a job interview. You're comfortable in your own skin, and so is she. This is the energy you want.

Women feel comfortable around men who are first comfortable themselves. And the easiest way to lower her defenses is to convey a sense of comfort and confidence while talking to her. Relax. And be cool, and chances are, so will she.

How To Talk To Women Tip #2 - Genuine Questions

The easiest way to control the conversation and lead it in the direction that you want it to go (meaning in a romantic direction) is by asking her questions. Chances are a woman will feel slightly nervous when you make an initial approach. To relax her, she needs to feel your confidence.

A good way to convey your confidence and show her that you're different from all the other guys is by asking her genuine questions. This also helps her get out of her head and puts her in a more relaxed frame of mind. Make sure your questions are light-hearted. Jumping into emotional or intimate questions will only make her feel more uncomfortable.

Questions about the surrounding environment are good. If she's eating a muffin, ask her if it's any good. If she's a store clerk, ask her for her opinion about which shirt you should buy. If she's reading a newspaper, casually ask her what's new in the world.

Always start off light, and build it up from there.

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