Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Does It Mean If a Man Gets Jealous When I Talk to Other Guys? Learn If He Likes You or Not

The negative impact of jealousy could mean that that your man is very controlling by nature. Since he wants to control each and every action of yours he begins to feel insecure when he sees you acting out of your own free will and talking to other men.

He is in need of reassurance
Some men act jealous when they see their woman talking to some other man only because he is in need of reassurance. It is because he doesn't know what you really think and feel for him that he acts jealous when you talk to other guys.

He is just trying to teach you a lesson
If you see that your man has started to act jealous all of a sudden then look hard to see if you have been acting jealous in the past or not. If you have then your man could be just trying to teach you a lesson by making you see what it is like when you are constantly kept under observation and not believed in.

He is too immature
Finally, if you are with a man who is jealous when you talk to any other guy then it is a reflection of his immaturity. It is only because he is immature that he feels that he will lose you to another man just because you are talking to him.

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