Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reduce Stress With Cosmic Ordering

To paraphrase Wikipedia: "Stress is a term in psychology and biology, it refers to the consequence of the failure of an organism - human or animal - to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined."

I'd never really thought of it in those terms before, I'm not sure many people outside of academics would, but it's true and a great starting point to do something about it. If you're stressed remember, according to the experts, it's "the consequence of a failure to respond appropriately".

If it's the result of a "failure to respond appropriately" then all you need to do is to respond appropriately and no more stress! This could be the shortest article I've ever written but it's not that easy is it?

Yes and no, it is a case of responding appropriately to any situation but how do you guarantee doing that each and every time?

How do you currently handle stress in your life? Typical answers to this will include:

    * Smoking
    * Drinking too much
    * Over or under eating
    * Withdrawing from contact with people
    * Using pills or drugs to relax
    * Sleeping too much
    * Procrastinating or filling up every minute of the day so you never actually have to face making decisions
    * Taking it out on others (lashing out, angry outbursts, physical violence)

Not good, productive or healthy so we accept we need to do something about it. If you have ways of coping that are more positive and healthy like exercise then DON'T STOP doing those things even when you don't feel the stress in the same way, just enjoy them for what they are beneficial activities.

If you've tried Cosmic Ordering in any way you'll have been told the importance of intent and how you really must intend to improve your life and alongside that how important positive thinking is. Both of those things will help you train your mind to respond appropriately because the appropriate response will yield a positive outcome for you and naturally less stress.

What is special about using Cosmic Ordering to reduce stress is that less stress is actually a by product of the process you don't even need to be ordering less stress in your life to benefit. The process of Cosmic Ordering itself will attune you to a more positive mindset, let's revisit the steps:

Step 1 - Place your order (write it down if you wish) - OK this one may not reduce your stress levels but since this is step 1 of your new more positive, happier life and once you truly believe that you're well on your way to a less stressful existence.

Step 2 - Use affirmations/mantras to boost your manifesting abilities - these affirmations are all about positivity and a if you're thinking in that way you're more likely to respond appropriately to any situation since you know the outcome will be good for you.

Step 3 - Love yourself, love your own reflection - once you master this, what is there to be stressed about? You are who you are and you love being you.

Step 4 - Be grateful - an attitude of gratitude is important - all of the steps build on each other and being thankful for what you've got rather than envious of everyone else will also relieve stress.

Step 5 - Believe, believe in you and believe you are worthy of receiving - and believe you will get a positive outcome to any situation as you are in control.

Step 6 - Receive - accept your order - and notice how much less stress there is in your life.

So use the power of Cosmic Ordering to improve your life and whilst you're doing that notice how much less stress you feel and how each and every response your make is geared toward a positive outcome for you.

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