Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to Know When a Guy Has Reduced Feelings For You? Figure it Out Before It's Too Late For You

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the feelings the guy you are in love with are going to last forever. At times it does happen that the guy who was so much in love with you starts to get distant. But how are you to tell that his feelings for you have reduced. Read on and find out if your relationship is heading southwards.
He doesn't spend much time with you
You will realize that the amount of time that he spends with you has become quite less and he doesn't seem to mind it. All of a sudden all the other things have gained a very important spot. If you find yourself slipping down his priority list then you should know that his feelings for you have reduced.
He calls less
There was time when he used to call you every hour. As the relationship progressed the calling decreased a little. But if you see that his calls are becoming as infrequent as his visits or if he almost never answers your calls then things are not all fine.
His patience with you reduces
You will also notice that the amount of patience with which he used to deal with you also reduced. He will not feel that your fears and insecurities need to be appeased. Every time you head to him for some reassurance he will snap and will tell you to grow up. If you see these things happening with you then you need to relook at your relationship as his interest in you is definitely reducing.
He turns small things into issues
If his interest in you has reduced then he will also look at turning small things into big issues and then blame you for them. So the small things that he used to find quirky now just annoy him all the time and you see that keeping your gob shut is the only way to ensure peace.
Things just don't "feel" right
Women have a gut feel they heavily rely on. Listen closely to what your gut is saying and see what it says. If you are honest to yourself you will know when things are not right because they just don't "feel" right.
He begins to focus only on himself
When his interest in you begins to reduce the one place where his interest increases is himself. If you find him focusing only on him and he becomes all about "I", "me" and "myself" then it's time to reassess your relationship.
He doesn't make plans anymore
You can be certain that his interest in you has reduced if you are the only one making plans all the time. The day you see this happen you should know that he's not interested anymore

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