Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is it OK For a Guy to Use Hair Straighteners?

Is a man less masculine if he straightens his hair? Yes or no?
In a word...yes.
Hair straighteners have now been a staple of every girl-this-side-of-the-moon's beauty tool kit for a number of years now. Their easy to use ceramic plates smooth your hair into a perfect poker straight drape of hair with a minimum of effort, training and time. Long gone are the days when nights have been ruined for ladies who get trapped in a tangled frantic mess of overheating hairdryers, sticky hair formula, big bulky brushes and tears of despair. Now this element of beauty regime has become a breeze, aside from a few burns from the crazy hot plates.
But the question is: Can guys use them? Well of course they can use them. It is physically possible for a guy to buy them, grow his hair and then straighten it. (Maybe not in that order however.) But should he?
If the latest adverts from cosmetics and hair care companies are anything to go by then there is no doubt that it is now cool for guys to look good. Gone are the days when a 'real bloke' was a man with bruised knuckles, a beer stained beard and an unhappy sex life. Now that we are in the 21st century men have cottoned on to the fact that women like it when men look good, and one way of doing this is to have nice hair.
For millions of men who have been cursed with shyness due to their genetically decreed style of locks, hair straighteners have been a godsend propelling them into the arms of beautiful women they would otherwise be afraid to approach. By casting aside the sideways glances and backwards comments of their uninitiated peers, men can now enjoy the freedom to express themselves in the hair department in a way that styling grease and a razor never could.
To many who think this is the beginning of the end for masculinity, you would be wrong on two counts. For one, hair straighteners are just one in a long line of style and beauty products slowly working their way into the average mans routine alongside the usual aftershave and fudge hair products: look out for curlers, eyeliner and concealer in the man section soon. For two, this is not the sign of diminished masculinity in society; this is merely a sign that men are sticking up for their rights in the same way (maybe not exactly the same) women fought for theirs through the whole of the last century. Men have the right to straighten!

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