Sunday, August 1, 2010

8 Helpful Tips on How to Get a Guy to Marry You

Are you looking forward to a wedding day, honeymoon, great house and kids? All that's left is how to get a guy to marry you, which is the tricky part. With your charms and wits, making him love you is easy. Making him say "I do", well, that's another story.
Or maybe not, because if he's loved you all this time then maybe he's ready to move forward too. It could be he's waiting for the right moment, or not sure when the right moment is. If you want to know how to get a guy to marry you, read the following tips.
1. Never drop him hints of wanting to get married by dragging him to weddings or shopping for engagement rings. If the pressure is on him, then he'll become even more uneasy about the idea.
2. If you are going to drop hints, try telling him that you're most likely to move away from a relationship that's not going anywhere. You don't want to be with a man who's only "stringing" you along. That's going to be a wakeup call for him, and if he does care he'll start to take action.
3. Try to avoid being a predictable couple so you wouldn't get bored in the relationship. Whether it's new hobby, food, or travel, try new things. You don't have to do everything together and it's always to have your own thing. That way, there will still be a little mystery between you two.
4. Be independent and wise when it comes to money matters. No man would want to be with a woman who's financially incapable and always has debt to pay. You need to show him that you can be responsible so he wouldn't see you as added expense.
5. You can mention wanting to get married someday, but don't make it a regular topic. No matter how much you want to get married, this conversation shouldn't happen once a week.
6. Always remember that communication is important in any relationship, especially now when you're thinking about getting married. If you can't be open with each other, then he might feel uncomfortable being with you.
7. Don't expect a ring if you're going to disrespect him or be too judgmental. Make him feel like he's the only one for you, so don't flirt or show interest in other men. Don't hurt his feelings by putting him or criticizing too much.
8. A great advice on how to get a guy to marry you is always be natural and confident. Show him you're happy with yourself and being in a relationship with him. He'll find you even more irresistible knowing you love being with him.

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