Monday, November 22, 2010

Dating Relationship Advice - Teen Relationship Advice

In this article you will advice on dating relationships and teen relationships. As you will well know dating is not strictly reserved for adults and teens do in fact date as well. Both adults and teens have questions and reservations when it comes to dating, and often look for advice regarding their relationships. Given there are two age brackets involved in this article about advice for dating relationships, I will break the article up into two sections regarding dating advice for each sort of relationship. I will first go into brief detail regarding advice for adults in a dating relationship and then I will cover some advice for teens who may be in a dating relationship.

Advice for Adult Dating Relationships:
When we meet someone we really like and would like to get to get know better, we always want to be as careful as possible and know how to go about this whole dating scenario appropriately. We want to get to know the one we end up dating as opposed to pushing them away from the dating relationship we have begun. 

When you first begin dating, you should try not to push too hard. My advice to you is, to take things slowly and really get to know the person who you have decided to date in a relationship. There are a lot of people out there, but there must have been something that intrigued you enough to begin dating the person you are now in a dating 
relationship with. Think about this from time to time and do not stress over the little things. Some worthwhile advice you should take note of is to think positive. Enjoy the one you are dating, and never make something out of nothing. A piece of advice which can save a dating relationship is to always communicate, never jump to conclusions about anything. Advice is easy to give, yet the one receiving the advice has to know how to use it and only they can decide if it is worth listening to. Below I have listed a few key factors of advice for having a success dating relationship with the one you are dating.

Key Factors of Advice for a Dating Relationship:
Be honest
Trust (in both yourself and the one you are dating)
Be positive
Have respect
Be loyal

Some additional advice for a dating relationship can include, doing little things for the one you are dating unexpectedly, know all there is to know about them, become involved with what your dating partner is interested in, accept the one you are dating as a whole package. (many adults these days are single and dating, yet also have children). Be supportive of the one you are dating.

Advice for Teens in a Dating Relationship:
Most teens will need some form of advice during their dating years. However dating as a teen can be a whole lot different to dating as an adult. It is however known that some teens have moved on from a teen dating relationship to end up still being in the same relationship yet dating as adults.

Some advice for teens to remember is:

Be honest
Take an interest in your dating partners interests and social circle

My advice for teens in a dating relationship in general is to enjoy. The best advice for a teen is to make friends with another first and then move on to possibly a dating relationship. Treat the one you are dating with respect and never cross the line when one says the word 'no'. Dating is meant to meant to be fun, so do not stress and concentrate too much on the word 'dating'. It is sometimes hard to give advice to a teen regarding dating, as they are at an age where they can at times think they know what is best for them. But if you feel your teen is becoming too involved with another, sit them don and at least offer them some advice on dating and what comes with dating. Boys tend to want to further their dating in ways that girls may not be ready for (yet it can happen at times the other way around), so my advice for you on this count is to speak to your teens about every avenue possible when it comes to dating and relationships. Teens these days need to know about sexual intercourse and the precautions needed if they intend on becoming sexually active. It is always better to have given the advice on this issue than to have not have.

Dating and being in a relationship should be a very special experience, one full of happiness and wonderment. The best advice I can give to anyone when in a dating relationship, is to be true to yourself and your dating partner, do not hold expectations of the one you are dating, and accept the one you are dating for who they are. If you cannot do this, then take my advice, and call it quits. Accepting the one you are dating completely for themselves is a good solid grounding for a lasting relationship.

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