Thursday, November 25, 2010

Teen Love & Sex: Why Not?

I have been reading a few articles on teen sex that I don't fully agree with, so I decided to share my own opinions on the subject. Love and sex both vary on the maturity level of the participants. There is a huge range of teens out their from the love sick little girls (LMAO), to the heart-breakers, to the helpless romantics(LWKMD), to the bad boys, to the friends with benefits (LOL), to the people just looking for eye candy-- no two loving relationships and/or sexual relationships will be the same.

Love: Love is a strong affection for another based on common interest and personality compatibility; it is a powerful emotion. At this stage of life for teenagers, what are the odds of them experiencing true love? I believe in love, but it is a journey filled with obstacles that we learn to overcome and learn to help fight battles for another and sacrifice for another person. I think that teens have the capacity to be in love, but they are growing and it is not very likely that they found "true love" yet. Young love is both simple and complicated filled with bruises and a few broken hearts, but we learn from our mistakes and adapt; It is a learning process.

Sex: Sex is just the physical contact between at least two people based on the common interest of pleasure. We all know the different types of intercourse: oral, anal, and sexual intercourse. Society today is filled with exposure of sex via the media. Has all this exposure put pressure on the American teenager? Again, it depends on the maturity level, but in some cases it has. A boy that is very close to me confessed that he "didn't think he was a man yet" because he was still a virgin. I guess it's how people interpret the exposure of sex and how much they are exposed to it. I don't like all the exposure, but I have accepted that it is out there and I can't change that.

Sex itself could be classified as a relationship, because it is a connection between two people BUT you don't have to be in a loving relationship to have sex just as much as you don't have to have sex in a loving relationship. Sex and love don't have to be related. In both, you need to accept the responsibility of your actions and accept the consequences. Both can be fun if used correctly.

So evaluate your own maturity level to see if you are ready for love, sex, or both. If you are ready, when you accept the company of a lover or a sexual partner, you are also accepting the risk of getting yourself hurt. I'm not trying to scare you, that's just how it is and you need to accept that. The only one that knows that you're ready is yourself. The decision is yours so think carefully, don't give in to peer pressure, trust your instincts, choose wisely, and enjoy the ride #oKBYe.

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