Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Key To Building Good Relationships

Good and healthy relationships are an important part of human life. Relationships usually develop when individuals realize that differences make life exciting. Different types of relationships are friendships, romances, work and school related connections and familial ties. Good relationships grow when people consider each other as partners in life and not see them in terms of money, property or anything else that they are obsessed with.

Healthy relationships prosper only in a gradual manner. It takes time and energy for partners to realize each other. Relationships grow and change over time. Therefore it is important that people acquire the skills that keep their relationships happy and healthy. Relationships flourish into true and loving bonds when people choose to share rather than change each other.

There are no formal programs that teach us about building good relationships. It is something that one picks up by watching others, normally parents or anyone in the immediate family. But, today many youngsters do not want to follow in their parents-footsteps.

Quite a few factors are involved in building good relationships. An important thing in a relationship is good friendship. Good relationships are truly friendships. Willingness to talk through things and to share positive and negative feelings with each other, all contribute to healthy relationships. It is important to avoid jealousy, possessiveness and competition, since they reflect individual fears and insecurities.

To build a healthy marital relationship, it is good to show interest in your partner's feelings and dreams. A person must take responsibility for his actions and feelings, and encourage his partner to do the same. The next important thing is "establishing trust". All relationships survive on trust. It is essential to express trust in your partner constantly.
To keep a good relationship with someone at work, you should understand that he is a person who deserves to be treated with admiration and courtesy. It is wiser to avoid making comments about him. One has to consider a colleague as an equal. This is a primary building block for healthy relationships.
A good and healthy relationship is worth any price. Yet it cannot be purchased with currency. Sensible people spend time to develop good friendships steadily, and maintain a vigilant watch so that they do not weaken in course of time.
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