Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Flame Within You to Light Others

The more connected I become with my spirit and who I really am, the more I come to realize that we are all interconnected and that each day brings me the opportunity to use the flame within me to light and inspire others. That is in fact the reason I am here; this is my purpose.

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in our personal circumstances and allow them to define us. If we make a poor decision, we will call ourself a fool. If we accomplish a big goal, we are invincible. If someone rejects us, we are worthless.

Especially, when things aren't going the way we'd like them to, we will often assign and assume labels and then literally think, act, and believe as if that's who we are. In these moments we become locked in our sense of separateness from one another.

    I believe God wants you to know that someone is looking up to you now, preparing to follow your example. Let this guide your next choice. (Neale Donald Walsch)

Regardless of what might be going on with you today, how might you think, speak or act differently if you knew that every thought, word or action was going to be imitated by someone, somewhere, who admires and looks up to you?

It could be someone who are close to you -- your children, your spouse, your next door neighbor, your friend. Or, it could be someone you are not even consciously aware of -- the cashier clerk or bank teller who serves you, the bus driver or taxi driver, the mail man. If you are on the Internet, it could be the next person who reads your blog post or comment. And of course, there is a butterfly effect because the impact you have on them influences how they think, speak and act with the next person, and so on.

Someone once told me the Universe never gives you more than you can handle... and that every day brings the opportunity to lead by your example. In trying times, most of us have a tendency to get caught up in our despair and desperation, forgetting that these times provide us perhaps the grandest of opportunities: the opportunity to set and example.

Today, do you feel good about the example you are demonstrating? If not, what must you do to ignite the flame of passion and inspiration within you to rise above your circumstances and to demonstrate who you really are -- because when you do that, you will indeed serve as the light of inspiration for others.

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