Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rediscover Lost Dreams - 5 Quick Tips to Find Your Life's Calling and Become Joy Filled

One of the most popular ways to dig deep and discover your life's calling is to journal every day. But there are a couple of huge hidden problems with this:

First, if it was that easy, a lot more people would be answering their life's calling and leading a joy-filled life. And second, there are other ways to connect with your life's calling. If you've got just a few minutes, I'd love to let you in on five of the techniques that I use to find joy in every day.

1. Journal: Yes, that's a popular way. However, most people don't do this. And if they do take time to journal every day, most of the time it's unfocused and more of a tool to vent than to create a happy life. The journaling can be done in the morning or evening. I recommend having a timer set for ten minutes. If you take more time, that's great. Journaling that's focused and well directed will give you enormous insight into what your calling is and how you can answer the call.

Here are a few questions to get you started with your journaling.

a. What excites me about today?
b. What possibilities exist in my life right now?
c. What actions must I take to reach my dream life?

2. Dream Bigger. A lot of people get stuck in the daily routine and have little dreams. Maybe your dream is to take a vacation or get a raise at work. I invite you to look deeper and think bigger about what is possible.

3. Plan for a miracle. Sometimes, a miracle has to occur for a dream to come true. Identify what type of miracle would need to take place for your dream to become a reality. Write out the miracle in detail. Then refer to this miracle often.

4. Ask for help. As a published author, I've seen the miracle of creating and publishing a book. Along the way, there have been a number of people that helped me. Without asking for help, I would never have achieved this dream.

5. Keep the faith. Believe in your dream and your ability to make it come true. Take a little step each and every day towards your dream and before you know it, it will be your new reality. Then take another leap and dream bigger.

What is so exciting about these techniques is they can jump start you on the road to fulfilling your life's calling and leading a joy-filled life.

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