Friday, July 23, 2010

Higher You Go, the Harder You Fall - Why It's Not As Good at the Top As You Think

My piece on neutral state (read bottom of this article for details) focused predominantly on the downward spiral of emotions, but what of the heady zest of life going your way, when you feel nothing can go wrong?

Well, if you ever waste take your time to read gossip magazines, you'll know that success and money FAST can end in tears. There are two reasons for this.

· Not knowing what to do with newly found wealth

· Not knowing how to cope emotionally

Fast success is not always a good thing. Much better is that it's gradual. Our logical minds create ideologies of what life would be like on the other side of the fence; we see the Jones's nextdoor with big fat smiles on their faces and reflect to ourselves, "What a life..." Unfortunately we cannot fathom the emotional implications of huge change.

"The man who walks this world with a smile, is the envy of all"

Many people may think it ludicrous that you need E.I when you're on the way up: You're happy, you're successful, and you're clearly doing things right to get where you are.

"It doesn't serve to ruin your fun; it serves only for you to keep control."

Developing a neutral state that lies in wait can be the difference between falling to emptying bins for a crust, and rising to the top once more on the strength of what you fundamentally believe, and what is fundamentally factual. Of course, falling is a small possibility and definitely not inevitable, but having a neutral state may help you achieve even gre­ater success, and most importantly - stay in control.

Action Steps...

Do you accept that just as depression puts a strain on your emotions, so does success?

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