Friday, July 23, 2010

Mindset - What is It - Do You Have It?

Mindset refers to a series of assumptions, notations, or methods in which members of a group create abundant incentives for one another to retain those same previously held beliefs, behaviors, choices, and tools. Often the common answer that arises when asked about what is mindset, as a whole, has to do with a kind of cognitive bias of sorts, or even a mental inertia. Lastly, the popular expressions, "groupthink" and "paradigm" are also decent answers to the question, "what is mindset?"

As far as politics are concerned, if one can remember the infamous "Cold War mindset," which trusted the game theory between both the U.S. and USSR. The command chain stated clearly that there was an understood, mutual destruction if either power was to target each other in a nuclear capacity; this is a good example of mindset in a potential war scenario. Although many theorists assume that a power structure needs to challenge the previous assumptions, which effectively make up the overall group's mindset.

In many cases, when power structures fail to question their own mindsets, often devastating results can take place. Any singular mindset that is never questioned by its inner-workings will not possess enough flexibility central to its existence. The power structure is forced to continuously discern the mindset involved if it is to be successful.

In business terms, mindset is essential to the overall successful functioning of a company. Often the goals and strategies that are shared among a group instead of an individual create far better results. The idea behind an effective mindset in terms of business is to create as much value out of each individual and then bring that value into a group setting. What is mindset, if it is not a philosophical stance shared among a group of individuals for the greater benefit of the business, or perhaps it is that which fosters the best scenario in any business setting?

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