Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Get the Right Guy - Flirting Tips for Women

There is a new object of interest in your life, and you want him to know about it. Flirting would be just the right thing to do in this situation - but how? You definitely don't want to fail. Luckily, there are plenty of flirting tips for women to try.

1. Find Out What He Likes

This might be one of the most obvious flirting tips for women, but it is also the most successful one. If you know his friends or people close to him, then this is something that can be easily achieved by asking them about your object of interest. However, if he is someone you just see on a regular basis - probably, while getting your coffee - this becomes a more difficult task.

In such a situation, take some time to observe what he is doing. Does he always read the paper? Does he always have an iPod? What kind of coffee does he drink? Take note of little things like that, and remember the things that you could easily start a conversation about.

2. Don't Pretend

You have found out that he likes to jog, but you really couldn't care less about exercise. Nevertheless, you go out and buy a new track suit and just "happen" to jog past him now everyday. This is a really stupid thing to do - you are changing yourself to have something in common with him, in fact, you are just pretending. Indeed, the worst start for a relationship. Remember, that the truth will come out sooner or later.

3. Use Body Language

One of the greatest flirting tips for women says to use body language to convey your interest. Verbal flirting is often not successful for women - guys respond faster if body language comes into play. When you are talking to him, touch his shoulder - this shows that you are comfortable enough to be in his personal space, which can also indicate an attraction.

What If Nothing Works?

If you have put into practice all known flirting tips for women, but the guy still doesn't seem to be really interested, then maybe it is time to move on. Accept the fact, that he is just not the right person for you - lack of chemistry is not going to work miracles. However, don't be discouraged and think of yourself as a failure - try and use flirting tips for women that you have learned on a new guy. You will master your flirting skills, which eventually will help you find the right person. Just believe, that all the efforts are worth it!

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