Friday, November 12, 2010

How To balance School And a Relationship

You want to hang out with your new sweetie. Your parents want you to get good grades. It can be hard to do both, but it's not impossible!

  • When your significant other (SO) has work, class, or wants to spend time with his/her friends, bust out your homework! You can be productive and keep yourself from missing him/her at the same time.

  • Have a study date. You can both work on your homework side-by-side, or else you can do your homework while your SO reads a book. Got an exam coming up? Your SO can quiz you. It's a lot easier to remember what "anaerobic" means when your sweetie explains it than when your professor drones on about it.

  • If necessary, prioritize. Take a full day to concentrate on that portfolio you've been putting off all semester, and reward yourselves with dinner and a movie the night after you turn it in. Your sweetie will be there on Monday, but your chances for getting an A won't be.

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